Monday, June 9, 2008

Cell Cycle Stages

Interphsae Mitosis

-----GAP 1 ----Prophase
-synthesize RNA -centromeres separate
-produce proteins -microtubule stretche
-Checkpoint: Everything ready for DNA synthesis?

-----GAP 0 (Cells that cease division) ----Prometaphase
-If cell too small -Nuclear membrane broken
-unfavorable environment
-then delay cell duplication ----Metaphase
-chromatids align on plate
-p53 recognize damaged cell ----Anaphase
-if unable to repair damage -chromatids separate
- macrophage recognize and disassemble cell -separate to ends
- building blocks reused
-----S Phase -nuclear membrane reformed
-DNA synthesis
-All DNA replicated w/ protein molecules ----Cytokinesis
-cell pinches in two
-----Gap 2
-grow and produce proteins
-Checkpoint: Can proceed to mitosis to divide?

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